Round Midnight del 31 gennaio 2018

    Round Midnight del 31 gennaio 2018

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    ROUND MIDNIGHT 31-01-2018

    TRACKLIST >>> Wes Montgomery 4t & Johnny Griffin: Round Midnight (Resonance) –  Duke Ellington: Ain’t But The One (Proper) –   Aretha Franklin & Ray Charles: Ain’t But The One (Atlantic) – Fire!: The Hands (Rune) –  Jamie Saft, S.Swallow, Bobby Previte & Iggy Pop: Loneliness Road (RareNoise) –  Roberto Ottaviano QuarkTet: Planet Nichols (12Lune) –  Fabrizio Puglisi Guantanamo: Giallo Oro (Caligola) –  Tiziana Ghiglioni/ S.Potts/ G.Lenoci: Mal Walking (12Lune)  –  Jazzmeia Horn: I’m Going Down (Prestige) –  Roberto Ottaviano: School Days (12Lune) –  Periscopes+1: Grossetto (Auand) –  Hobby Horse: Born Again Cretin (Auand) –  Dr.Liston Smith: Ju Ju (Blue Note) –  Danny Grissett: Woody’n You (Savant) –  Kris Davis & Craig Taborn: Love in Outer Space (Pyroclastic) –  Chris Potter: Sonic Anomaly (ECM) –  David Virelles: Del Tabaco y el Azucar (ECM) –  Classica Orchestra Afrobeat: Classica (Sidecar) –  Fela Kuti: Touble Sleep Yanga Wake Am –  Roswell Rudd: House of the Rising Sun (RareNoise) –  Esther Phillips: I’ve never found a man (Jazzline) –  Ella Fitzgerald: I can’t give you anything but Love (Verve) –  Lingomania: Tools (abeat) –  Pat Martino: On the stairs (Highnote) –  Matt Mitchell: Mini Alternate (Pi Recordings) –  Comet is Coming: Start Running (Leaf) –  Jeanne Lee & Mal Waldron: Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child –  William Parker, Lisa Sokolov, Cooper Moore: For Jeanne Lee –  Jeanne Lee: Sundance (Earthforms)

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