Round Midnight del 9 dicembre 2020

    Round Midnight del 9 dicembre 2020
    Album della settimana > ROB MAZUREK Exploding Star Orchestra: “Dimensional Stardust (International Anthem)
    TRACKLIST ► Anthony Braxton: Round Midnight (Golden Years) –  Art Blakey Jazz Messengers: Three Blind Mice (Blue Note) –  Joe Farrell: Follow Your Heart (CTI) –  Tony Williams Lifetime: Vashkar (Polydor) –   Kip Hanrahan: The Wardrobe Master of Paradise + Whatever I Want + Two Still in Half Light + Busses from Heaven (American Clavé) –  Mary Halvorson Code Girl: Bigger Flames (Firehouse12) –   Thumbscrew: Composition N.79 (Cuneiform) –  M.Halvorson & Bill Frisell: Walk Don’t Run (Tzadik) –  Sun Ra Arkestra: Swirling (Strut) –  Maria Schneider Orchestra: Look Up (ArtistShare) –  David Bowie w.M.Schneider Orch.:Sue (Columbia) –   Andrea Grossi Blend Orchestra: Balios + Zephiro torna (We Insist) –  Fire! Orchestra: Blue Crystal Fire (Rune Grammofon) –   Rob Mazurek Exploding Star Orchestra: Galaxy 1000 + Parable 3000 (We all come from Somewhere Else) + Autumn Pleiades (International Anthem) –  Angelica Sanchez & Marilyn Crispell: Lobe of the Fly (Pyroclastic) –  A.Sanchez/ Francesco Bigoni/ Danilo Gallo/ Enzo Carpentieri: It Never Enter my Mind ( –   Francesco Bigoni On Dog: J’Accuse Mancoose (ILK) –  Tell No Lies: Magenta (AUT) –  Circles 44 (Massimiliano Amatruda/ Joseph Circelli/ Andrea Grillini): Affirmative Dot pt.1 (AUT) –  Giancarlo Locatelli/ Pipeline 3°: Tiro (We Insist) –  Stefano Tamborrino Seacup: Esher (Tük) – S.Tamborrino Don Karate: African Snow (Original Cultures) –  Gianmaria Aprile: Part III (We Insist) –  Gabrio Baldacci & S.Tamborrino: Nacoro (Auand) –  Francesca Naibo: Lameda Lemeda (AUT) –  She’s Analog: Long Distance Runners (Auand) –  Francesco Maccianti: Palomar (abeat) –  Enrico Pieranunzi w.Simona Severini: Valse pour Apollinaire (abeat) –  Marco Colonna & Alexander Hawkins: Miss Ann (Sluchaj) –  Keith Tippett: The Monk Watches the Eagle p.5 (Discus) –  Makaya McCraven: May Attack (International Anthem) –  Immanuel Wilkins: Warriors (Blue Note) –   Joel Ross: 3-1-2 (Blue Note) –  Bill Evans w.E.Gomez & J.DeJohnette: Emily (Resonance) –  Sonny Rollins: The Blue Room (Resonance) –  Massimo Urbani: You’ve Changed (Caligola) –  Dave Brubeck: Take Five (alt.take) (Brubeck Editions) –  Kip Hanrahan: India Song (American Clavé)
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