Round Midnight del 24 giugno 2020

    Round Midnight del 24 giugno 2020

    ROUND MIDNIGHT 24-06-2020

    TRACKLIST >>> Babs Gonzales: Round Midnight (Dauntless) –  Don Cherry: Brown Rice (A&M) –  Eddie Jefferson: Bitches Brew (Muse) –  Don Cherry/ Steve Lacy/Dave Holland/ M.Togashi: Bura Bura (PMC) –  Billy Bang: Yo! Ho Chi Minh Is In The House (Justin Time) –   Frank Lowe/ Carlos Ward/ Philip Wilson: Inappropriate Choises (Jazz Door) –   George Russell Orchestra: So What (Label Bleu) –   Giancarlo Nino Locatelli: Traces (We Insist) –  Massimo Falascone 7: Moving Train (Fonterossa) –  Emanuele Parrini 5t w.Taylor Ho Bynum: Sanfrediano (Felmay) –  Silvia Bolognesi Young Shouts: Chicago Summer Storm (Fonterossa) –  Federica Michisanti Horn Trio: Orange (Parco della Musica) –  Francesca Naibo: Fadadada (Aut) –   Paolo Angeli: Hunting Bears+Icaro+Nude (ReR) –   Dimitri Grechi Espinosa: Compassione-Estate (Ponderosa) –  Roots Magic: Frankiphone Blues (Clean Feed) –   Rosa Brunello / Los Fermentos: Before Falling Asleep (CAM Jazz) –  Frank Martino: 5443 (Auand) –   Michelangelo Scandroglio: Noah (Auand) –  Rudresh Mahanthappa: Barbados / 26-2 (Whirlwind) –  Avishai Cohen Big Vicious: Hidden Chamber (ECM) –   Avishai Cohen & Y.Avishai: Azalea (ECM) –   Duke Ellington: The Opener + Chelsea Bridge (Trema) –  Illinois Jacquet & Ben Webster: The Kid and The Brute (Verve) –  Grant Green: Jan Jan (Blue Note) –  John scofield: Falling Grace (ECM) –  Kenny Dorham: Whistle Stop (Blue Note) –  Deerhoof w.Wadada Leo Smith: Snoopy Waves (Joyfull Noise) –  Gil Scott Heron & Makaya McCraven: I’m New Here + Running (XL)